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Prs se upgrade kit

Discussion in ' Guitars in General ' started by dpgreekAug 6, Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Aug 6, 1. Messages: 7, I have a Custom 24 SE and am looking to do some upgrades. I've seen some forums but want to confirm compatibility before making any purchases.

If someone with an SE that may have done upgrades could answer the following topics, I would appreciate it. I'm looking to put in Lollar Imperial or Fralin Unbuckers. With that said: 1.

I'm considering using a 5 way style selector to potentially do some different wiring combos with the 4 lead humbuckers listed above. Not sure if it's a rotary or straight.

Will these tremolo saddles fit the SE bridge? Are there any other parts I need or can I just replace the saddles and use the other springs, etc Or is this an upgrade? I've read about utilizing a USA nut. Lotta folks are recommending Tusq XL nut.

prs se upgrade kit

Are the Schaller M6 mini locks a direct replacement? If not, is there? Aug 6, 2.

prs se upgrade kit

Messages: 1, It should work. However, depending on how complicated you want to get it could provide you with some interesting wiring options.Even without any changes, they're some of the best economy guitars available. The Standard 24 comes with a Mahogany body and Maple neck that includes the vaunted "bird" fretboard inlays.

While these aren't made in Maryland like their more expensive PRS counterparts, the design is solid and worth the extra investment. In this article we'll put together a build that will replace the bridge, the mounting rings, both the guitar's pickups and the strings. This is a pricier upgrade, though if you already own the guitar, investing in it is a safe bet, since the SE models tend to outlast and out-perform many guitars in similar price ranges. Seymour Duncan Jeff Loomis Blackout neck.

Seymour Duncan Jeff Loomis Blackout bridge. Ernie Ball Baritone Strings, 13 The Jeff Loomis pickup set from Seymour Duncan is an aggressive, high-output pair that are ideal for heavier rock and metal music styles.

Since Mahogany tonewood tends to give off a nice thick response, these pickups are a good choice for those who want to get a really heavy, low-end tone. For starters, remove the strings, the mounting brackets and the original pickups at both the neck and bridge location.

All of these parts will be replaced. Use a soldering kit to install the two Seymour Duncan pickups then place the new metal mounting rings over top of each pickup and screw them in. At this point, you can adjust the height of the pickups, if necessary.

Before you put on your new set of strings, you'll want to replace the existing bridge with the new MannMade NOS model. It's just a straight in and out operation. John Mann takes you through the process in this video. It's only about 15 minutes long, and everything is very straightforward.

Once you get the bridge installed, you can thread the new strings into the back of the guitar and up through the new bridge. I've recommended the Ernie Ball baritone strings for this setup just because they would be a nice combo with the Jeff Loomis pickups.

If you don't want strings that are that heavy, you can easily downgrade to a Regular or Heavy Slinky. If you want to keep them, they're not bad. Let us know in the comments section below.

If you have an idea that holds water, we'll add it to the list so others can benefit as well.These use only the finest electronic components, and offer player a great degree of versatility. All components are treated with Caig Deoxit for long trouble free use.

Read about the available wiring configurations below. Includes what we like to call a Smart coil-tap. This is an upgrade to stock wiring and you can read about it below.

Upgrading a PRS SE

This is the model we are using in the sound samples. Includes coil-tap on the tone pot. VT: Master Volume, Master tone and 3 way selector switch. No coil tap on this model. First, set your amp reasonably loud and preferably with some gain. Use the 3 way selector switch to select your bridge pickup, then engage the coil-tap by pulling up on the push-pull pot. As expected, you will notice cycle hum. This is totally normal, and to be expected.

Upgrade questions for PRS SE owners

Now, disengage the coil-tap by pushing down on the tone pot. Next, select your neck pickup and do the same thing that is, lift the push-pull pot.

Again, you will notice the same cycle hum. Again, this is totally normal, and to be expected. OK, so where is the problem? What do you hear? You hear pretty loud Cycle Hum. That is what we believe to be a problem. There is absolutely no reason to hear cycle hum when the coil-tap is engaged and both pickups are selected via the 3-way switch. The problem is that the coil-tap on stock wiring is shorting coils of the same polarity on each pickup assuming you are using pickups from the same manufacturer.

In other words, when tapped you are listening to two NORTH coils one from the bridge and one from the neckor two SOUTH coils one from the bridge and one from the neck simultaneously and naturally the resulting sound is not hum-cancelling.

FYI, the reason we specify either two north, or two south coils, is because this depends on which brand of pickups you are using. For example, when implemented with Lindy Fralin humbuckers or unbuckerswhen tapped the slug coil of the bridge pickup is left "live" with the screw coil of the neck pickup.

The resulting combination is still hum-canceling! Secure Online Ordering.Discussion in ' Guitars in General ' started by jijoeDec 17, Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Dec 17, 1. Messages: Hello all - throwing a question out to see what you all think.

I am thinking about making some upgrades - primarily pickups. Will probably upgrade electronics switches, pots and caps and stick in coil taps. I'd like to think that this would make the instrument a bit sweeter sounding - a bit more interesting to play and essentially a keeper. The question I have is - is it worth it? I'll break this down a bit: 1. Is the fundamental material wood etc a good base in terms of tone?

Anybody else made some upgrades and ended up going to a higher end HH Single Cut instrument anyway? Any thoughts would be very helpful before I start spending some money on this.

Cheers guys. Dec 17, 2. Messages: 2, SE's are nice guitars. Their weakest part is the pickups and electronics. I think upgrading the pickups will yield a great instrument especially since you already mention that you really like it. Johnny AlienDec 17, Dec 17, 3. Messages: 9, I absolutely love it.

Plays great, sounds great. CowTiptonDec 17, Dec 17, 4. Messages: 1, I changed the pickups for the Bare Knuckle Abraxas set and couldn't be happier. It has replaced two nice Gibsons as my main guitar. BarquentineDec 17, Dec 17, 5. I you like the way it plays and sounds, I would do it. Dec 17, 6. Messages: 3, Worth it? If you mean will it become a nicer guitar? If you mean "Will I get my money back when I sell?Discussion in ' Guitars in General ' started by poseidoJan 22, Log in or Sign up.

The Gear Page. Jan 22, 1. Messages: Getting a but confusing but what do you guys suggest as the best kit to upgrade the PRS guitar with?

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Jan 22, 2. Messages: 2, RS kit looks nice. I cant remember which I got I much prefer it this way, good upgrade. Something to consider, you can pick what coil is used when you split each pickup. If you do outside on one and inside on the other you will have hum canceling in the middle pos. I think by default most come with the two outside or screw coils as the split tones and you don't get hum canceling this way. I like using the inside coil on the bridge PU as it gives a warmer single coil bridge tone and gives you the hum canceling.

So to answer your question I thing picking wich split coils will make the most difference in tone. Each of the kits looks good. I wired mine myself.

You can probably have them pre wire it the way you want. Jan 22, 3. Messages: 4, Man I'm outta touch these days, stock PRS guitars could stand to benefit from upgraded wiring? I though the whole point of paying the money for a PRS was to get a high quality guitar through in through from the factory.

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Josh OJan 22, Jan 22, 4. Messages: 16, I can see people changing pups, but the stock electronics are just fine. I just don't see the point. CharAznableJan 22, Jan 22, 5. Yeah, I agree. Pickup changes are common no matter what guitar but I never would've considered a PRS guitar would need a wiring kit upgrade.

PRS SE Standard Upgrades and Build Guide

Jan 22, 6. The pots on mine are loose and very very noisy crackly so Its time to upgrade. I was wondering if there is a benefit with upgrading to the non-prs parts. Jan 22, 7. Have you cleaned them?

Jan 22, 8. Jan 22, 9. Pardon me Im so out of the loop.Discussion in ' Guitars in General ' started by sshan25Dec 12, Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page.

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Dec 12, 1. Messages: 4, I really like this guitar. It's solid. The neck is FAT and it plays and sounds great. Is it an R8?

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No, but it's a pretty darn good LP alternative, regardless of make, origin or price point. I could and do play it just as it came from the factory. Being a contributing member of the TGP community though, means that I'm contractually obligated to modify my guitars, no matter how good they are stock. That leaves me with the electronics as my focus.

I'm going to assume that one of the aftermarket companies can supply me with a pre-wired harness with pots and caps that will give me a good vintage tone.

prs se upgrade kit

I will at that point reassess the stock pickups which I actually think are pretty good. Is there any thing I should be looking for in pots or caps? Should I bother also replacing the switch and jack or just leave well enough alone? Last edited: Dec 12, Dec 12, 2.

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Messages: 6, I've played one of those, and if I had one I'd probably leave it completely stock. Dec 12, 3. Messages: 1, How much of an improvement are you expecting by just changing the wiring but not the pickups? I had a Singlecut SE and the stock pickups were absolutely horrid. Put in some Gibsons and it was much improved. The top is paper thin on the SE. I tried to coil-tap the Gibsons with a standard push-pull pot and it stuck way above the top. You seem to be ok with the stock pickups but trust me, they are shamefully bad and almost any other pickups you put in there will be an improvement.

DualRectifierDec 12, Dec 12, 4. Dec 12, 5. Messages: IcemanDec 12, Dec 12, 6. SE has a great voice. It's pups are great, and they are definitely different than earlier Singlecut models.

Only upgrade it needs is a GraphTech nut. I suppose if you wanted to tweak, throw in a phase switch or coil cutter. Or you could try dropping in one of those fancy EMG tone controls or something like that.Erick answers a customer question about reversing a humbucker's pickups, and finds that the hardest part is getting the cover off the pickup!

It wasn't a drop in kit. I had to ream the pots holes and I needed to chip away some material on the inside cavity to make the 5 way switch fit. The 5 way switch is definitely a challenge if you're not a guitar tech, who solders 8 hours every day for the past 45 years.

I think the longer shaft pots would have been better, as I took off the base nut to allow the top nut to thread on. Hot Rodded PUPs.

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The 22 capacitor and the volume bleed work great. Normally a bleed Circuit is anything but linear these electronics give you full tone at any volume. The CTS pots are a huge improvement. The new wiring harness is well made and well shielded. If your looking at swapping PUPs consider upgrading to this kit.

It comes with clear consice instructions too. The number one common problem I see with this is soldering. Are you doing it with the pots in the guitar or are you doing it on a template outside of the cavity.

prs se upgrade kit

Do yourselves a favor and make a template. Wiring is time consuming if you want it done correctly. You are taking your time to make i the best it can be. That is custom work and costs money. If you want parts pre-wired you can find those kits. Of course the tone pot is rounded; everything is grounded or current doesn't flow and guitar doesn't work. Even though the kit was good, the size of components including the 5 way switch cant fit the cavities of my PRS.

Quite a disappointment. The kit is wasted now.

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